Parents File Lawsuit Due to Mandatory Orders for Measles Vaccine

Parents File Lawsuit Due to Mandatory Orders for Measles Vaccine

On Monday, five parents had filed a lawsuit against the New York City Department of Health. They made the claims that the city had gone beyond their authority by making vaccinations compulsory in the neighbouring areas, affected by measles. The parents claimed that the orders had violated the religious exemptions of their children towards vaccinations. Plus, it had even violated the constitutional rights towards following the due process. As per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the MMR vaccine happens to be 97 percent effective towards protecting people against the disease of measles, which is highly contagious in nature. The CDC stressed on the fact that getting the MMR vaccine is a lot safer than suffering from measles, rubella or mumps.

The parents went over to characterize the mandatory orders of vaccination by the Health Department as unnecessary and disproportionate. The lawsuit mentioned that the number of active cases with respect to measles was lower than 250. Hence, the belief is that the number of active cases is not sufficient enough to term it as an epidemic. Thus, it is completely unjustified to call for emergency orders for vaccination. On Monday, the number of cases regarding measles in New York City had risen to 329. They expect the number to go up in the next 3 to 5 weeks.

The United States lies in the middle of their second worst outbreak of measles. It was declared that the disease had got eliminated in the year 2000. The elimination was mainly due to the MMR vaccine. The Deputy Mayor of Health and Human Services in New York, Dr Herminia Palacio said that vaccines form a crucial path towards putting an end to this epidemic. Dr Palacio feels that it is an emergency situation.

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