Brand New Quantum Material Can Help Warn of Neurological Disease

Brand New Quantum Material Can Help Warn of Neurological Disease

Researchers have been making an attempt to create a material, which manages to think just how the brain does. It will also be much more sensitive towards early signals of neurological diseases like Parkinson’s. Now, creating a material that can think seems to be quite a long way off. Still, the researchers of Purdue University and Argonne National Laboratory have managed to engineer a new material, which can at least listen. The lingua franca happens to be ionic currents. They can assist the brain to perform a typical reaction, which is required something quite basic like sending a signal to breathe.

In a study, researchers have managed to demonstrate the ability of a quantum material to receive hydrogen automatically, as and when it gets placed below the brain slice of an animal model. Quantum basically means that the material has electronic properties, which both cannot get explained through classical physics. The properties give it a cutting edge over all other materials that get used in electronics like Silicon. The ultimate objective is to close the gap between how electronics think through electrons and how the brain manages to think through ions.

Researchers are quite confident that this particular material is a possible pathway towards building a device for computing, which would store as well as transfer memories. The researchers managed to test this material on two molecules, Glucose and Dopamine. As amounts of dopamine are quite low in the brain and much lower among all those people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, hence detection of this material has been quite tough. Still, early detection of dopamine levels could mean sooner treatment for the disease. The next step is to create a way for the material to talk back to the brain.

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