Reversal of Decline in Memory through Using Electrical Pulses

Reversal of Decline in Memory through Using Electrical Pulses

Scientists have found that a decline in one’s memory due to ageing can get reversed temporarily. This can be done by using quite a harmless form of electrical brain stimulation. The findings help in explaining why certain cognitive skills suffer from a decline in a significant manner with age and hence raise the chance of new treatments. A neuroscientist at Boston University, Robert Reinhart said, the changes that occur due to age cannot be changed. He further said that they would be able to bring the much superior function of memory, which people had when they were a lot younger.

The study mainly focused on a portion of cognition known as working memory. This refers to the brain system, which holds information for short periods while people are in the process of making certain decisions or while doing some calculations. Working memory turns out to be quite crucial for a variety of tasks like, to recognize faces, carrying out arithmetic tasks and also for navigating any new environment. There is a supposed to be a steady decline in working memory with age. One particular factor in this fall is regarded to be a kind of disconnection between two networks within the brain. They are known as prefrontal and temporal regions.

As far as young people are concerned, the electrical brain activity in the two regions happens to be synchronized in a rhythmic manner. The opposite is the case for older people. This could be because of deteriorating long-range connections of nerve, which create a link with different parts of the brain. Robert Reinhart said that they are noticing the increased improvements in people, who have the greatest amount of deficits at baseline. Deep brain stimulation, which is a surgical method, can turn out to be extremely useful in getting the memory reversed.

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